Speak Up!

Being in the business of serving people, I know that a lot times, you don’t know there is a problem with an employee, until it is too late. After the problem person is no longer employed, you hear for weeks “I’m so glad they are gone, I had problems with…” Then you are like, “Why didn’t you say something?” And they are all “I didn’t want to get them in trouble.” When, if they had said something, you could’ve taken care of a lot of problems before they got out of hand and the person ended up losing their job. So, because of this, I feel like it is my duty to make corporations aware if I have bad service at their establishment. My latest victim is Arbys. The girl in the drive thru YELLED at me because I checked my order. Heaven forbid I ask for extra sauce. I know the big wigs up in corporate have no idea this is going on. But I’m sure they want to know. I understand if someone’s having a bad day. I don’t go all crazy over one incident (unless its major) but this was my 3rd bad experience at Arby’s. So please, if you have a bad experience, tell someone!!

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