He sees you when you’re sleeping.. He knows when you are awake..

So be good for goodness sake!! Tis the season for losing your temper. Road rage is amplified this time of year. You’ve got people that normally stay in. But they venture out this one time of year because they have to give gifts for their family. You know who I’m talking about. The people that hit their brakes and come to an almost complete stop at a green light. The little old lady at the bank that has to get 25 envelopes to put money in to give to her entire family for Christmas. People get mad in parking lots, mainly because the odds are against them. There are 3 times the amount of people out and about, you are bound to get mad at someone for something.  This stress rolls into the rest of our lives. Work gets stressful because a lot of people are off this time of year, which makes it more difficult to get things done. You call for a service that is normally no problem. But, the person you normally talk to is off, and no one else has a clue how to do their job.  Or, someone is going to be off, and you have to do your job and their job. (and you may not even work for the same company!) Alas, it is a time for cheer. (or cheers as you drink away your stress) So go Christmas it up with your loved ones and remember, it will all be over soon!

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