Where’s the magic?

Remember when you were little… Thanksgiving meant Christmas was getting close. That’s when you started counting down the days until a big strange man, that you’ve never met, will break into your house,defy all rules of logic and leave you presents! You got to go to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve and she made a special dinner. The entire family (even the one’s you only see once a year) come and enjoy each other’s company.  You sat and waited for everyone to finish eating, and wait for permission to go attack the gifts under the tree. Then you’d watch the weather and Ron Howes would tell you Santa was in Memphis. Its so cool how he shows up on the Storm Tracker!  That meant we had to leave Grandma’s immediately and go to bed. Everyone knows if you aren’t asleep when he gets to your house, he’ll just skip it.  And you did NOT want to be the only kid at school that didn’t get presents from Santa.  There was so much magic in the air.

Nowadays… The holidays mean things are going to get crazy. You have to get a menu together, get the house clean, and break out the special dishes – all the meanwhile keeping up with your normal responsibilities of work and home. You have to figure out what to buy everyone, find it, wrap it, and get together with them at some point in your busy schedule to give it. Now, you go to your families gatherings, and see  people you only see once a year. Except now you wonder why you only see them once a year. The family meets the same time every week. But they can only come when presents are involved.. Hmm…… You are so tired from cleaning house, wrapping presents and making food – you really don’t care what other people bought you for gifts, all you want is a nap! You are too old for Santa to come anymore, so all you care about is if its going to be raining (we hardly ever get snow on Christmas in TN) the next day for you to carry out whatever plans you have.

I guess once we have children, the holidays will mean creating that magic for them. The holidays will then have a whole new definition. I suppose this is the circle of life. 

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