Kroger vs. Publix

We normally shop at Kroger. After Mega-Market shut down, my parents shopped at Kroger. So when I started grocery shopping that’s where I went, because that’s what I knew.  We finally branched out and tried Publix. Here is my comparison of the two

Kroger Publix
- I know where everything is.
- They carry bulk.
- We hardly ever get spoken to period.
- You have to use your Kroger Plus card to get extra savings (this is also how Big Brother tracks you down!)
- It’s 2 minutes down the road.
- Older store.
- Has Auto’s Ultimate Chew Bone.
- Has off brand Slim Fast (that tastes better than Slim Fast )
- Is laid out better. All of the breakfast food is all together. The healthy stuff is with the regular stuff.
- They carry a WAY better selection of foods.
- We were spoken to by 4 different employees while we were they to make sure we didn’t need any help, or telling us hi or bye.
- The cashier asked me if I had any coupons (like she was reminding me to use them if I did.) Speaking of, they honor all Kroger coupons.
- They had Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream!!!!  (Hagan Daaz had a contest, that I watched on tv, and the winner had their ice cream produced as a feature flavor, I have been looking for this for months! – And as a side note, it was WELL worth the wait)
- It’s further away.
-Brand new store (in Lebanon)

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