Star Wars Episode 4

Okay, y’all are stuck listening to me talk about Star Wars until we finish the series. Lucky for you we only have 5 and 6 left. 6 will be awesome because it has Ewoks in it, and who doesn’t like Ewoks?

Episode 4… wow. If this was the 1st movie that came out representing Star Wars, I can’t believe it took off. I think part of it is our fault. We watched 1-3 first. They have AWESOME graphics and apparently we messed up the shock factor of some big reveals. Not only that, we went back 30 years in animation and graphics between 3 and 4.

My main beef with Episode 4 is no Yoda!! How can you not have Yoda?!

One Response to Star Wars Episode 4

  1. Seeing them in really seeing them OUT of order. 1 to 3 are actually more appreciated if you watch 4 to 6 first..add waiting and praying about 20 years inbetween wonder WTF the clone wars were all about anyway..and there are good reasons why SW is the social icon that it is.

    There is no Yoda becasue there WAS NO YODA. Back in the days of New Hope…we had no clue of any Yoda at all…and they didn’t know how to make him move yet anyway.

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