Survey says…

As you know, Josh and I have been trying to find ways to save money.  He wanted to be able to get our grocery bill down to under $100. Thus the quest began. After going to Kroger, Publix and Wal-mart and buying the same type stuff at all 3, and using coupons, survey says… it can’t be done. We got close last night at Wal-mart. The grand total was $101.14. In Wal-mart’s defense, I didn’t have a fresh newspapers worth of coupons to use, but I still used 2 I already had. Josh loathes Wal-mart entirely. Therefore, despite the savings, he would rather go to Kroger. At Kroger we spent $120.00 (but we bought drinks that we only buy every month or so) Publix’s receipt came in at $114.00 and Walmart, as mentioned above, was $101.14.

  I must say Publix has the nicest shopping experience to date. The people are friendly, they have a WIDE variety of stuff and they take your groceries out to your car unless you insist they don’t. Wal-mart is not designed very well. We had to start in the back of the store, work our way around and then go back through to get the meat. Not very efficient at all. We had to go late on a Saturday night so it wouldn’t be so crowded. Check out was still a nightmare. 14 kids running around in their PJs, and everyone’s buggy is filled to the top, so it takes twice as long to get through the line. Kroger is middle of the road. It’s not the most expensive, (considering we bought drinks) and its not the cheapest.  The store is laid out nicely and it’s right by our house. One problem is every time we go, we run into someone we know and end up having a 30 minute conversation with them. Also, most of the time Josh has to bag our groceries. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing. When someone does actually bag our groceries, they bag it all wrong! Maybe we are too picky, but we try to put all the frozens together, meats together etc. I even put them on the belt that way so its easier for them. Yeah, they don’t care. They are too busy about talking about their date last night to the cashier.

So Kroger it is. That is until Publix get’s opened up next door. Then I may go to both and just pick and choose who has what on sale each week. If you have any tricks of the trade about saving money at the store, please share.

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