I apologize for my absence, I’ve been in the Twilight Zone…

I have been bit by Edward Cullen. ( I wish!) As I’m sure half of those who are reading this have been. My neighbor is the one who converted me to a Twi-hard.  I thought she was insane at first. She told me how she was staying up to all hours of the night reading these books. On top of that, they were about werewolves and vampires. I don’t really like that type of stuff. She kept bugging me until I finally borrowed her book…

I pretty much fell off the Earth for about 2 weeks. I’d stay in at lunch so I could read. I’d come home and read while the oven preheated. I didn’t watch television. I didn’t do laundry. My poor husband told me he would be happy when I finished the series so things could get back to normal.  If I wasn’t reading Twilight, I was talking to my friends about Twilight. Or I was searching the Internet for Twilight related material. In doing this, I accidentally came across some spoilers, but that didn’t hinder my obsession. I trudged on until I read all 2,000+ pages of it’s glorious-ness. If a teacher had made me read that much in that time frame, I would have called it abuse.  But this self inflicted indulgence made me change the way I looked at things.

One of the main characters, Edward, is a vampire. He is VERY observant. I caught myself noticing things I’ve never noticed before.  Usually I’m so self-absorbed that I don’t really notice the people around me. I mean REALLY notice them. How often do you notice the wrinkles on someone’s forehead and wonder how many years of unhappiness and stress caused those wrinkles to form? Or wondered what happened to make that person that called you and was mean for no reason be the way they are?  We get so wrapped up in "He was a jerk." to forget to wonder/care WHY he’s a jerk. I’ve learned that people don’t think of you half as much as you think they do. My natural reaction would be, "What’d I say for him to be mean?" But most of America is so selfish that they don’t think of others feelings/needs. All they care about are themselves. But this is not the case with Edward. He is completely self-less. To the point he is willing to sacrifice his comfort and desires for the love of another. He constantly wonders if what he said came out right, or if he said too much. He has studied the reactions of humans for so long he’s a pro at it. This really opened my eyes. I encourage you to take the time to be more observant of the people you make contact with, you’d be surprised what you’ll find.

Twilight, the movie, has taken a lot of criticism. What people don’t understand is, Tw-hards are VERY critical. If the book says the curtains are white with yellow trim, the curtains in the movie should be white with yellow trim. I must say the first time I saw the movie, I was almost disappointed. My mind was constantly comparing the movie to the book. To the point I couldn’t enjoy the movie. The second time I saw it, I could actually enjoy the movie and was more understanding of why they cut out some of the things they did. (I still don’t know how it would have hurt to have the curtains right.. ) 

I think/hope the Twilight series will help correct some of the current issues teenagers face this day in age.  I hope that Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight Series) has raised the bar for what teenage girls expect out of a relationship. Hopefully they will want a door opening, respectful, lullaby-writing guy that will wait to have sex until they are married. A girl should settle for nothing less.

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