Oreo Balls

1 bag of Oreos (must be Oreo Brand, other brands don’t do as well)

1 block of cream cheese, room temperature

dipping chocolate

Put one bag of oreos in the food processor until well blended (should be almost like dust) Add to cream cheese. Blend with hands until you can no longer see any cream cheese. Wrap in plastic and put in fridge.  Once, cold (about an hour), take out and roll into balls. Put back in fridge until cold. Then melt chocolate and dip balls. Put on wax paper until they set. 

* my hubby likes for me to use Mint oreos and they taste like thin mints

One Response to Oreo Balls

  1. Laura says:

    You failed to mention in your post that these are like little balls of awesomeness. Calorie-rich, cholesterol-filled, delightful balls of awesomeness.

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