Gest. Diabetes Wednesday – May 20, 2009

Today I had to go take my glucose test. This is the test they use to determine whether you have gestational diabetes.  This has been my one concern through the entire pregnancy. I even asked my OB/GYN before I got pregnant if there was any way to tell if I would get Gestational Diabetes beforehand. Unfortunately, you can’t tell until you’re pregnant.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought. We showed up at 8:15 and I started drinking. I had to drink 5 oz of this orange concoction. I’ve heard horror stories about this test. To listen to other people tell it, I was going to have to drink 2 gallons of this stuff, can’t go to the bathroom and can’t throw it up. (which was a major concern as I still deal with morning sickness) So I was delightfully surprised when they handed me that red solo cup not even halfway full.  To start, it wasn’t bad at all. It tasted like Orange Crush with an extra cup of sugar added to it. But towards the end, it was hard to swallow. The last 2 oz were the worst. The back of my throat started to burn from all the sugar. The worst part was, I couldn’t have anything – not even water – to help with the burning.

The clock started when I finished. I had to sit for exactly one hour, then get my blood tested. 15 minutes into the waiting, I couldn’t sit still. I’m sure I drove my husband nuts. I was on a HUGE sugar high. Another 15 minutes and the baby started in on his sugar high as well! He was having a fit! An hour into it and I started to crash. My head started hurting and I wasn’t feeling that great. Of course, this is when they want to draw your blood.

I don’t like needles anyway. It’s always an ordeal to draw my blood. It takes serious concentration and breathing to keep me from passing out on a good day.  Now, not only was I trying not to pass out from nerves, I had a headache and baby was still kicking like crazy from the sugar juice. Of course, this is the time she can’t get a vein. I have small veins anyway. So they normally have to use a pediatric needle. The nurse tried one arm, all she got was spurts and it hurt really bad. After realizing this wasn’t going to work, she wanted to try my hand. I don’t know if you’ve ever had blood drawn from your hand, but it hurts… bad. Not only does it hurt while she does it, it hurts the rest of the day. So I talked her out of that option and she tries a butterfly on the other arm. This time we have success. However, by this point, I’m about to pass out.

I survive the stabbing and prodding only to find out I have to wait until Tuesday to get the results of the test. That’s almost a week! Geesh.

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