Gest Diabetes Tuesday – May 26, 2009

Today I find out the results of my Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test. I’m not convinced that I will find out anything today because 1) Doctors/labs are usually never on time and 2) yesterday was a holiday. So I was shocked when at lunch, my phone rings from my doctor’s office. I say a little prayer and answer the phone.  I can tell immediately by the nurse’s tone that something was wrong. My test came back really high. We were shooting for 139 and mine was 269.  Crap. The one test I was worried about passing and I failed it with flying colors.

The nurse starts telling me that I have an appointment the next day with an Endocrinologist (Diabetes specialist) at 1 pm. I, more than likely, won’t have to do the 3 hour glucose test because mine is so high (Is this supposed to make me feel better?) that’ll he’ll probably start me on insulin and send me to the diabetes center.  I’m honestly surprised I heard anything after 269… I immediately knew what this meant for me, one of my worst fears had come true.

After I cried for an hour, I started to accept my fate. (However, every time someone asked me about it, I’d lose it again) I let my husband know, so he could see if he could get off work to go with me. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to comprehend what the doctors were telling me,as I was still in shock. I went home that night and started researching on the internet to see what I was in for. I also called a dear friend of mine who has diabetes and is also a Registered Nurse. I was hoping there was something I was missing… some glimmer of hope that I would not be subjected to giving myself a shot. No such luck.

I finally called my mom and told her the news. I think this was the hardest because she had Gestational Diabetes herself when she was pregnant with me ( This is why I was so worried about it) and I didn’t want her to blame herself. She currently has diabetes and is actually in kidney failure. Luckily, she can do dialysis from home. She took the news well, but I could tell she was upset. I think she knew how bad I am scared of needles and she knew what I was in for, as she had been through it herself. 

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