Gest. Diabetes – Wednesday – May 27, 2009


That was one of the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.  Every time I closed my eyes, I thought about what was in my future. I knew in my heart that this was best for the baby, and that’s all that mattered. But I’m still only human. I worried that I would end up like my mom and be on dialysis. I know God doesn’t make mistakes. I know there’s a reason I’m going through this, just not sure yet what that reason is. Maybe this was to open my eyes as to how I was living my life before this and it’s my 2nd chance to turn my health around.

Thankfully we were pretty busy at work, so I didn’t have much time to dwell on what was about to happen. I didn’t let it hit me until I was in my husband’s car on the way to the doctor’s office.  We made it up to the 3rd floor, which didn’t seem odd as my OB/GYN is just down the hall from the Endocrinologist. We go in, take our seats and start filling out paperwork. I always feel like I’m taking a test when  I fill that stuff out. How much do you know about your family history? If I put the wrong thing are they going to tell me they can’t help me? (sigh) I fill out everything, then realize I have to potty (thanks baby) I ask the receptionist if they will need a urine sample, and if so, can they go ahead and take it. ( I wouldn’t have to ask at my OB/GYN’s office, that’s the first thing they ask you when you get there.. guess they are used to pregnant women’s bladders) I hear a couple of snickers from the 2 older ladies sitting in the waiting room.. not sure what’s so funny. They don’t need a sample, so I go potty so Junior has more room. Then I go back to where Josh is sitting, and I wait… and wait.. and wait.

A couple of crazy characters came in during my 2 hour wait to see the doctor ( I assume this is because I’m a work in). The first couple that comes in is probably in their early 20′s. The guy has tattoos all down his arms. I hope, for his sake, he’s not the patient. I’d hate to see them try to find a place to draw blood on those inked up arms. It’s the girl that’s the patient. There’s 2 signs that are posted at the receptionist’s desk. Both seem to be common sense to me.. Turn off your cell phone.. and We will need your driver’s license and insurance card at the time of service.

Turn off your cell phone – Tattoo guy reminds girl to turn off her cell phone. He turns his off, but then a few minutes later, he’s texting someone. Who would’ve thought the sign needed to read " Turn your cell phone off and keep it off!"  This didn’t help Girl out either as she ends up having to use her cell phone as well.

We will need your driver’s license and insurance card at the time of service. – The reason Girl had to use her cell phone was to call her insurance company to get her policy number. She claimed no one told her she would need ID or an insurance card at the doctor’s office… that’s probably because they assume you would know to bring it with you…

The next couple that came in wasn’t much better. Tattoo Guy #2 has a Mountain Dew with him. You don’t bring a Mtn Dew to a diabetes doctor! He’s lucky those 2 old women didn’t beat him in the head!!

They FINALLY call my name. We go to this little room and sit and wait, again. At least we are by ourselves and don’t have to deal with goobers mentioned above. A nurse comes in and takes my blood sugar. Let the poking begin. It’s 185 (probably thanks to the Mexican I had at lunch before I came over) Then she asks me if I’ve been checking my sugar… No, I just found out yesterday! So she goes to get me a bag full of diabetic stuff. There’s a glucose meter, strips, a lancet, a log book etc. This will be my life for the next 4 months. She leaves and we inspect the bag as we wait for the doctor.

The doctor finally comes in. He sits down and starts going over my numbers. He starts talking about the results of my 3 hour test.. The only problem is, I haven’t done a 3 hour test. After 5 minutes of me trying to convince him I haven’t had the test, he realizes he’s got someone else’s stuff in my file. So I verify the numbers we’ve already gone over are,in fact, my numbers and everything else is okay.  All my other tests come back fine.. Then he tells me that I have to check my blood sugar 7 times a day. He also tells me that he will need to draw blood from me and I’ll go across the hall to get that done..  He’s joking right? I confirm that I heard him right, and give Josh a look and a sigh.. Okay, well he hasn’t said anything about giving myself shots so I’m in the clear, right? Then he hands me this box.. I ask him, "What’s in the box?" "Oh, that’s your insulin, you need to give yourself 3 shots a day. You’ll go to the Diabetes Center and they’ll show you how to do it." Damn. He left as quick as he came. In 5 minutes he had turned my world upside down.

Next I went to get my blood drawn. The nurse at my OB/GYN told me to always tell anyone drawing my blood that I have small veins and to use a pediatric needle. I sit in this contraption of a chair and wait. This big black woman come in and tells me not to cry, that it’s going to be okay. Easy for her to say, I just found out that I will be poking myself a total of 10 times a day!!  So I pull myself together and I tell her about my veins. Her response was "Oh honey, I don’t use pediatric needles. I’ll get it, don’t worry." Hah! Next thing I know she has SHOVED what felt like a ballpoint pen in my arm. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I could feel the color leave my face. She pushes me off to the receptionist so she can claim her next victim.

I make my appointment for 2 weeks and we head downstairs to the Diabetes Center.

By this time it’s after 3.. We go in to the Diabetes Center thinking we can just get all this over with today. (Especially so  Josh doesn’t have to take any more time off work) The receptionist tells us that if we’d got there earlier we could’ve been fit in. (If we hadn’t waited 2 hours at the Endro’s office, we would’ve been here earlier!) She said I’ll have to spend an hour with the nurse and an hour with the Dietician. So we make our appointment for the next morning and head back to the office.

I come back to the office and tell my story. I keep thinking to myself, ‘ Thank GOD I changed jobs! My previous boss would have fired me by now’ I also let them now I need off in the AM to go to my "classes".

3 Responses to Gest. Diabetes – Wednesday – May 27, 2009

  1. Diabetes today is mostly caused by a lifestyle that has less exercise and too much sugar. Diabetes can be easily avoided by just doing simple exercises each day like jogging and avoiding sugars. If you already have diabetes, exercise is still the best way to manage it. Food supplements like Charantia and Chromium also helps.

  2. Caramoan says:

    Diabetes can be prevented by just having a physically active lifestyle. Just exercise everyday and avoid eating too much. Avoid sweets and high carb foods too.

  3. Ashley says:

    I appreciate the responses.. However, Gestational Diabetes is caused by pregnancy. My body couldn’t regulate insulin while I was pregnant. As soon as I delivered my son, it went back to normal. This is hereditary. My mother had gest. diabetes when she was pregnant with me. Has nothing to do with diet/exercise.

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