Gest. Diabetes – Thursday – May 28, 2009


Today we go to the Diabetes Center for our "class". We were told to get to the Admitting office 15 minutes early.  We go to admitting, right on time, and the woman’s computer has locked up. I pray this is not an indication at how my whole day is going to go.  

We finally get called back to be "admitted" to the hospital. The lady was really nice. She starts telling us how her daughter had Gestational Diabetes. She said if her daughter can give herself shots, anyone can. Oh, that’s nice. She’s trying to make me feel better. Then she goes on to tell us that she had the pregnancy from hell. Umm.. couldn’t you have stopped at the good news? Apparently she caught some  type of virus while in the hospital and had to stay and extra week. Not only that, they were told they were having a boy, it ended up being a girl. She starts entering things into the computer only to find out that my appointment was put in the computer for June 28th not May 28th. I told her that I was okay with that, but I was pretty sure my Endocrinologist would not be. After 10 minutes of phone calls we FINALLY got checked in. Not only did I walk away with enough material to have nightmares for weeks, I got a nifty hospital bracelet out of the deal.

We go across the hall to the Diabetes Center. Our first appointment is with the nurse. We go back to this little room where there is all this material and a glucose monitor on the table. She goes over all the material like we are 5 year olds and can’t read it for ourselves (she was reading it word for word.. I mean, come on!) She shows us how to code the machine so the strips will work, then she asks me to check my Blood Sugar. I load the lancet and wait.. Josh asks me what the problem is.. "I know it’s about to go off!" About that time I accidentally hit the button and it pricks me. (Good thing, or we’d probably STILL be sitting there) So we check my sugar and its 185. I thought that was good considering my Glucose Tolerance Test came back at 269, but the Nurse said it should be 60-90 before meals and under 120 after meals.  Then she pawns us off to the Dietician. She tells me when we get done there, I’ll come back to her to learn how to do the insulin shots.. I can hardly wait..

We go to another little room with the Dietician (to whom I’m pretty sure we went to high school with)  She starts going over portion size, counting carbs etc. I didn’t mind this that much because I have done Weight Watchers and the Low Carb diet, so I’m used to looking at labels. She wants me to get 225 carbs a day! She seemed sort of surprised when I told her that was a lot. (Low Carb diet you are only allowed to have 20 carbs in the induction phase)    She shows me all of her fake plastic food, asked me if i had any questions. Out the door we go back to the nurse.

We go back to the other little room where there is a insulin pen, a syringe and a vial of solution. I look at Josh and tell him if she thinks she’s going to give me a shot just for the hell of it, she’s got another thing coming. She comes in and sits down. I tell her that they gave me the pen so that’s all I really need to know how to use. She shows me how to use it, then she tells me she wants me to practice giving myself a shot. I tell her that’s unnecessary because I won’t be giving myself a shot with a syringe. I also tell her I don’t like needles so giving myself an unnecessary shot was not going to happen. She offers up Josh as a practice shoot. I ask her if I shoot him do I still have to give myself one. She said I would, so I told her there was no point in putting him through this too. At this point my fear of needles is in full force. I start to lose it. I have been so brave up to this point. I don’t know if it’s hormonal, emotional or a combination of both, but I break down. 48 hours ago I was fine. How could all this happen so fast? I finally pull myself together long enough to do the shot. It didn’t hurt near as bad as testing my blood sugar.

We finally get to leave. By this time it’s 11:30, so Josh has to go straight to work. I try to recall what the Dietician said so I can figure out what I can have for lunch. I was going to do Subway, but I knew I couldn’t have Subway on the Low carb diet so I wasn’t sure.  I ended up going to Wendy’s and got a Chicken Caesar Salad. I come back to the office, count the carbs only to realize I don’t have enough carbs. So I rummage through the breakroom to find some peanut butter and crackers. This will have to do. I go back, take a deep breath, shoot myself with my first dose of insulin and eat my salad in silence as I try to process everything they’ve told me.

When Josh gets to work, he checks on me and asks how my Blood Sugar is.. I totally forgot to check it. (sigh) I’m lucky I remembered the shot.  I spend the rest of the afternoon making a schedule so I knew what I needed to do and when – and practiced checking my blood sugar.

Checking my blood sugar was an ordeal at first. I would either pull my finger away, not get enough blood, or by the time I did, the monitor would be turned off by the time I got it all together. It was frustrating to say the least. I kept thinking to myself "How am I going to do this 7 times a day for the next 4 months?" 

I decide to pick a rotisserie chicken at Publix for dinner until we could sit down this weekend and make out a menu. That night for dinner we had chicken, green beans, a baked potato and a salad. I test my sugar, take my insulin and sit down to dinner. Then I realize I only have 15 carbs! So I eat a slice of bread and drink a glass of milk to make up the difference. This is going to be more involved/difficult than I thought.

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