I have found a hobby.  A friend has introduced me to antiquing and spray paint.  At first, I was skeptical.  Why would I want to rummage around someone’s junk?  Well, the answer is, you never know what you will find.

Thus far, I have found a 1955 Shorthand book that still has the original owners notes in it.  I originally picked it up for it’s color, then realized this book was more than just a cover. Decorating with books is my newest thing.  I find books that match a color scheme of the room, and stack them to give height  to another item.  In my kitchen, I have a nice assortment of cookbooks (including a 1982 Southern Living Cookbook, that happens to be green- the color of my kitchen) that I have put under my antique coffee grinder.   My favorite grouping is in my living room though. After I discovered this new technique, I went searching my bookshelves. I was looking for color but ended up finding humor. The stack in my living room are as follows: Common Sense, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, and In God We Trust. Maybe I’m the only one that finds a little humor in this selection, neat nonetheless.

While “antiquing” I’ve also learned how to look at things in a different light.  Just because you don’t like the color of something, doesn’t mean you should pass it by.  Spray paint can fix most anything. Also, just because it was being used for one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t do something else with it.  That glass candlestick holder without a match, can easily be turned into a cake plate or a pedestal for your entertaining.

I also see things we have in a new perspective. We have these old Batman glasses that we got from McDonalds 15 + years ago. They were going for $8 a piece at one of the stores!! Seriously?!  Teddy Ruxpin is on his way to being worth something too.  I found an old school nintendo for $100 (I have one in still in it’s box in the top of my closet).  My dad had an old milk jug on his front porch that is now in my garage waiting it’s turn for some love and care. I never would’ve thought of it until I saw it in a store used as a cool decoration.

I’m excited to see what new things I can make of these once old pieces of junk.  It also makes me feel close to my dear mama as she really had a knack for creativity.

As I do these projects, I’ll try to post pics and share my tricks and triumphs.  Here goes nothing!

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