Picking Weeds

This weekend, Josh had a stomach bug.  Therefore, we were unable to attend church Sunday morning. I decided to take this opportunity to pick weeds in our front bed. As I did so, I prayed, contemplated life and got very dirty. I thought I’d share some revelations God pressed upon my heart.

- It’s easiest to pick weeds after a storm.

- The very rain that weeds need to survive also makes them easier to pull.

- Some weeds are harder to pick than others. (ie deep roots, thorns) They require extra tools and protection.

- Sometimes you need help pulling weeds because you are so overwhelmed.

- It’s easier to weed as they grown. Don’t wait until you can’t see the flowers for the weeds.

- You have to dispose of the weeds. Otherwise, they will make your garden look just as bad as if they were still growing.

At the end of the day, you may be tired, you may be sore, but you can have peace knowing the beautiful flowers will have more room to grow.

As you can (hopefully) see, I’m not just talking about weeds. These principals apply to anything in your life that keeps you from growing in your faith. This could be a family member that doesn’t treat you right, or a tv show you watch, knowing you have more important things to do. We often know what we have to do, but we don’t have the strength to pull that first weed.  Once you start, it’s addicting. Plus, you feel so much better afterward. It’s good exercise and your garden will look better for it. =)


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